Letter from JD Faircloth

The last few years at MOTRAN have been filled with lots of activity and many substantial wins for the Permian Basin, and as we head into 2021, I expect nothing less.

It is my privilege to serve as the new MOTRAN Chair for the coming year. My involvement with MOTRAN dates back to its earliest days, during my service on the board as Mayor of Midland. The need then, for a unified and cooperative effort between our two communities, is just as true today.

This past year, MOTRAN worked with others from Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia to win committee support in the United States Congress for the designation of Interstate 14, through the Permian Basin. That route helps connect our energy production to other energy plays in the south and the Gulf Coast, while also making strategic connections between critical national defense installations.

This year it is imperative that we get that designation passed, so we can continue our efforts to better connect the Permian to the rest of the state and nation through our national highway system.

MOTRAN has also been helping lead the charge to improve internet connections in the Permian Basin and that is an important charge that we will continue to push.

While many people think about MOTRAN from a road and highway perspective, we have always been about making connections. Sometimes those connections are roads and highways, sometimes it’s supporting critical pipelines that help move energy production or even utility lines to get us more reliable electric power.

MOTRAN is made up of business and community leaders, and the one thing we realized a long time ago, whether it is growing our existing economic base, diversifying our economy, or just reducing costs to improve business margins and make our region more competitive, improving our ability to move goods, products and services in and out of the Permian Basin in a safe and efficient manner is paramount to our success.

There is a lot of work ahead of us and none of it is ever really easy, but I am committed to accomplishing this work and can tell you we have a very dedicated board of directors who along with our staff are also deeply committed to seeing our area prosper and grow.

As always, this work would never be possible without our MOTRAN members and strong support from citizens and community leaders throughout the region. We appreciate your support and look forward to great things to come in the year ahead.

— J.D. Faircloth