Over $1 Billion in Improvements

Improving the Infrastructure in the Permian Basin

What Is Motran?

MOTRAN is an alliance between members of the Odessa and Midland communities that has been instrumental in raising funds for and improving the infrastructure of the Permian Basin area.


Oil Production’s Impact on the Permian Basin

Over 16% of our nation’s oil production takes place in the Permian Basin, along with over 17% of our state and national gas production. While that is great for our region’s economy, it has an impact on our roads.

  • Impact 1

    The oil and gas industry contributes billions of dollars not only to local economies but to the state and local tax base. These funds aid road improvements in the area. Learn More

  • Impact 2

    Oil production in the Permian Basin exponentially increases the amount of traffic on area roads, therefore, local infrastructure deteriorates at a more rapid pace than other areas. Learn More

  • Impact 3

    The oil and gas industry has a ripple effect on other areas of the economy. As a result of every oil and gas job in the area, many other jobs are created in the manufacturing, construction, education, and transportation industries. Learn More

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Economic Impact

MOTRAN’s research is important for its use in obtaining funding to improve and develop infrastructure in the Permian Basin area. While MOTRAN has been very successful in obtaining funding and accomplishing infrastructure developments, one of the most important effects of our research is the strengthening of relations between communities in the Permian Basin area.

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Road Safety

Measuring data in the Permian Basin from the last 3-year cycle pre-boom from 2006-2009 and then 2010-2013, there was a 52% increase in the number of crashes, 57% increase in the number of KAB crashes (crashes that include fatalities, incapacitating injuries, and non-incapacitating injuries), and an 88% increase in overall fatalities. At 2% of the state’s population, the Permian Basin is home to 10% of Texas’ roadway fatalities.


Motran Annual Report

Annual Report for the Motran Alliance

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Energy Impact on the Economy

2022 SOTS

Permian Energy Epicenter

Energy Impacts by the Permian Basin

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I support the 2024 Proposed Unified Transportation Plan (UTP) and programming the remaining $235 million of funding for Permian Basin and would urge the Commission to replenish the Permian Basin funding allocation available through Strategic Priority in the next proposed UTP.

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